Ms. Moore's Explorer's



Mrs. Lambert and I are so excited to be your child’s kindergarten teachers. We are looking forward to a fantastic year full of learning and excitement. There is so much to learn this year and we can not wait to jump right in! We are here to make sure your child gets everything they need to be successful. We are their biggest supporters and can't wait to watch them grow!




What We're Learning:


Parts of the book (front and back cover)

Roles of author and illustrator

Rhyming words




Identifying 2D shapes: square, rectangle, hexagon, circle, triangle

Identifying 3D shapes: cube, cylinder,  sphere, cone

Positional words: below, above, next to, in front of, behind

Combining shapes to make new shapes: Ex: two triangles make a square, two squares make a rectangle


Social Studies:

Know the difference between maps and globes



Learning Resources:





September Birthdays:


Autumn: 9/4

Mia: 9/21

Ms. Moore: 9/8